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In the Gospels, Jesus performs many miracles that are sometimes called signs. In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Craig Keener explains their significance.

Sometimes pastors are not equipped to deal with the type and intensity of problems a member may be experiencing. Misty Lawrence explains how to know when it is time to refer your member to a therapist.

Sometimes we like a clean cross with no sign of a struggle at all. Patricia S. Taylor shares what kind of cross we need to encounter when times are dark.
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The Bible is full of provocative accounts of miraculous healings, signs and wonders that draw people’s hearts back to God. Still, some claim that the spiritual gifts have ceased, or at least the more charismatic gifts have. In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Craig Keener explores this important teaching.

Come Holy Spirit | Welcome to a four part series on the Holy Spirit by Carolyn Moore. Today, read about how the mobility of God should reflect onto us as a community and individuals.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Mark Ongley suggests that the church begin having candid conversations both about sexual brokenness and about the wonderfully-designed gift of sex that God gave his creation.

Is the outrage against Donald Trump's words simply political posturing? Mark Benjamin shares the most candid truth regarding sexual abuse.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Steve Seamands encourages us to consider John Wesley as a model for how to responsibly welcome the ministry of the Holy Spirit among us.

Honor and shame are often thought to be relics of cultures past. But shame especially has a strong grip on today's culture, even in the West. In today's piece, Randy Hardman reviews The Soul of Shame by Curt Thompson.

Watch as Dr. Scott Kisker continues his Seven Minute Seminary teaching on the origins of American Pentecostalism, tracing their origins from Methodist and Holiness groups.