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When our souls, like Christ’s, are overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death, we do not necessarily pray like Jesus.

Pete Greig writes an honest book about unanswered prayer to help anyone who is hurting find a little comfort and a few answers.

The following book list of recommended reading on spiritual warfare can help leaders and laypeople develop the necessary biblical and theological foundations, as well as be equipped with strategies and tools for engaging in the practice of spiritual warfare.

Miracles and healing were meant to continue throughout the history of the church—here are five reasons demonstrating why.

Jack Deere shares healthy ways that a church can grow in the spiritual gifts.

When we come before God confident in the blood of his Son, he will often give us good things.

The reasons God heals are rooted in his character and eternal purposes.
Holy Spirit Healing Miracle Jonathan's story

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUb12wwz7pQ] Jonathan, a pastor from McDonough, GA, experienced healing he wasn’t expecting. One night at New Room in 2017, the speaker highlighted the freedom that...

Watch this Seven Minute Seminary by Dr. Virginia Holeman as she makes the connection between the trinitarian God of Christianity and the process of healing and sanctification for all person.

In this video, Dr. Steve Stratton describes the process of counseling people in a way that recognizes the unity of persons.

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