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The truth is that grace, or gift, was not a concept unique to the Christian faith in the first century. In fact, even pagan religion afforded grace a role in the relationship between the gods and their followers. What makes the grace of the Christian gospel unique? In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. John Barclay explains that it's the nature of the recipients—us—that is so telling about the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

When we talk about the means of grace, we talk about them in terms of what we do. Leah Hartman shifts the focus from the what to the where. Could means of grace also involve places we go?

We all know God's Word says that the truth will set us free. But, how does it set us free? Peter Bellini shares how the truth of God counteracts the lies we have believed to transform our lives and allow us to live the way God intended.
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What is gospel hospitality, and why does it seem so radical in our world? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, watch Dr. Amy Oden as she presents a beautiful picture for the gospel calling to welcome the stranger and the vulnerable of our society.
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What is Christian Perfection? Can Christians really be made perfect in love, and does this mean that Christians will no longer sin? Watch this Seven Minute Seminary by Ryan Danker as he describes John Wesley's doctrine of perfection and explains why its so critical of a vision for the church.

Like all structures, theological or otherwise, Wesley’s doctrine of prevenient grace can be dismantled and carefully examined in order to enrich our understanding. In today's post, Brian Shelton offers two helpful distinctions to further our appreciation of prevenient grace.

What happens to those who have never heard the gospel? In today's article, Brian Shelton, a new expert on the scriptural basis for prevenient grace, explores how this Wesleyan theological theme might make a difference in the destiny of the unevangelized.
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How should we understand grace, and how does this relate to the person of Jesus Christ? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Robert Stamps explains how grace is best understood as an encounter with the person of Jesus Christ, who bids us to practice faith and enter the means of grace.

What is a sacrament and why do Christians celebrate them, besides the obvious fact that Jesus told us to? In this article, Timothy Tennent introduces Christian baptism and the Lord's supper, and explains their significance in a way that anyone can understand.

Did God love the Egyptians when he struck Egypt with plagues? In the larger biblical narrative, the answer is obviously yes. But when reading the Exodus story, its difficult to come to terms with. In this article, Craig Keener explains how and why God loved the Egyptians.