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I have been encouraged by the recent conversation about the renewal of Wesleyan orthodoxy in the blogosphere and on twitter. (For a brief introduction...

Missing from the church's gospel today is the central theme of the kingdom of God. In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Rica McRoy shares both the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in God's heavenly kingdom.
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http://youtu.be/6sG08YuAZEU Dr. Ben Witherington III discusses why he considers the Wesleyan understanding of the gospel to be most faithful to Scripture. View our growing playlist of...

The story of restoration is a story written for all, excluding no one. Read more from David Hull as he shares the gospel in story form.

Sometimes, circumstances change so much over time that it becomes necessary to change the way you think and do things. Jim Ramsay shares the shifting tides in missions and how the church needs to change in order to continue being effective.

What happens to those who have never heard the gospel? In today's article, Brian Shelton, a new expert on the scriptural basis for prevenient grace, explores how this Wesleyan theological theme might make a difference in the destiny of the unevangelized.

There is only a subtle difference in the definition of the words imparted and imputed, but the difference is a game changer for the Christian. Read more from Patricia Taylor as she describes how the work of Christ enables deep and real transformation in the life and identity of the Christian believer.

What does the Bible teach about repentance? Read these seven quick points to discover a biblical summary of this essential Christian practice.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Scot McKnight helps explain the biblical meaning of love, and why it is so central to the Christian faith.

How does your church pick its worship music, based on tempo, or the sermon? In today's article, Katie Heckel suggests a new (but old) way of designing worship that empowers the church to rehearse the gospel every time it gathers together.