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As seasoned fishermen, Jesus' disciples knew enough to be afraid. But where was Jesus?

Secure in our knowledge of the coming Kingdom, we can live as light in the darkness of today.

How society has taught us to categorize, limit, and relate to one another must have no force among those who are “in Christ.”

Paul worked hard to preserve the unity of the church without sacrificing the truth of the gospel.

Dying with Christ, we die to the world’s power to order our lives. We are free to become fully God’s new creation.

Christ has not accomplished the full purpose of his death for us until he has come alive within us and through us by the Holy Spirit.

Only the apostolic gospel that faithfully preserves God’s invitation, issued on God’s terms, has the power to lead us to life.

God knows your needs. He is waiting only for you to come to him.

Sin may satisfy temporal desires, but virtue satisfies our deeply felt divine longings.

The nature of God’s love means that nothing can be done to make God love a person more.

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