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In the midst of Paul’s missionary journey, we find out a lot about God’s guidance in Paul’s life and in the life of the church in Antioch which commissioned and sent out Paul and Barnabus.

Social distancing, if handed over to God, may set your life trajectory in a new divine direction.

Dying with Christ, we die to the world’s power to order our lives. We are free to become fully God’s new creation.

Calamity reveals instinct, and ours tells us that this continues to be a time for extraordinary prayer.

There are times in prayer when the need doesn’t let up, when the burden will simply not let go.

Whether it be around the dinner table, in the living room, or in your backyard, your home can be a place of Easter worship.

Digital distancing is more important now than ever. Think of it as one of the best ways you can stay healthy not only during this temporary crisis, but for a lifetime.

The awakening we long for will never rise above the worship life and prayer life of our households.

God knows your needs. He is waiting only for you to come to him.

Faithfulness to God within the purposes of God do not exempt us from life pain.