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While the context of our spiritual formation is different, Jesus presents the same basic opportunities and questions to all of us.

When we are overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, we can find hope in the Lord’s steadfast love and forgiveness.

We prepare ourselves for an abundant future with God by expressing gratitude for how he has worked in our lives in the past.

God created human beings with an inherent passion to worship and serve. Therefore, we will worship and serve someone or something—and this is where habitual sin comes in.

Do you hunger for more—more from life, more from yourself, more from God?

Worship is the central act of the people of God in response to his majestic and loving rule. It serves as a witness and invitation to the nations.

In seasons of hardship, the eternal God is our hope and the source of renewal for an abundant future.

Lent is a forty day season of penitence and preparation for the observance of Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday before Easter.

A discipleship band is for anyone who desires to grow in love for God and neighbor. It is for those desiring to share life on a deeper level with a few others.

God does make our paths straight, but He often does it through what seems like a lot of crooked lines.