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Do you want to make the most of your days? A good day planner may help! Ben Snyder offers a review of a liturgical day planner that is helps you structure your days for the sake of spiritual and practical transformation!

What actually happened when the first humans ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Our friend, Duke Walker, shares some interesting insights into the dynamics of the fall and the damage it has caused every single moment since, including our damaging choice to pridefully condemn one another.

I entered Duke Divinity in the fall of 2006 with aspirations higher than the spires that donned Duke Chapel. Armed with the knowledge that...

What message are we missing when we celebrate Pentecost? Izzie Zimmerman shares how the ordinary work of the Holy Spirit in the church is more extra-ordinary than we may realize.

The scriptures mark out a path that guides and leads us to God’s future. In our day, as we sense acutely the new challenges presented to the work of the gospel, followers of Jesus must hold to the practice of faithfulness to God’s word as a key habit to cultivate and embody that life. Such a way of life will serve as the fuel for revitalizing existing communities of faith and for the launching of new ones.

God appoints people to serve as stewards of creation and outlines foundational instructions for His chosen people for handling money in the Old Testament.

If God could accept a criminal on the cross, God can readily accept us whatever our imperfections or wrongdoing.

"What are you reading this summer?" We asked dozens of professors and pastors this question and we have been getting some great feedback. This week Dr. Howard Snyder shares his facinating list.

Christians have long used creative works in order to connect to God and nourish their souls through contemplation. Those images and works do not always require any overt religious features in order to help us enter into the thin places where our souls flourish.

Today's Saturday (evening) Post comes from guest writer, Rob Mehner. In the article he remembers the famed (or infamous) buzzer beater shot by Chrisitan Laettner that propelled Duke into the 1992 Final Four and sent Kentucky back home. He makes a compelling analogy with the way we understand or misunderstand the nature of salvation.