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Sometime after the Israelite exile, the Psalms were collected and grouped into the rough outline we currently have in the Christian canon. Read seven reasons why we should sing these psalms.

Psalm 82 is a counter-cultural proclamation of justice and judgment. It is a prayer that the values of God’s kingdom will manifest in our world.

Here prayer is put on its highest level—every prayer prayed in the spirit of Jesus is answered.

People of faith may experience crises when their understanding of God’s goodness does not match their experiences of life.
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In a sea of slickly imaged Christian leaders, Maxie and Jerry Dunnam have provided a mirror of Christ. Read more from J. D. Walt as he introduces the life of his mentor, Maxie Dunnam.

The Band Meeting by Kevin Watson and Scott Kisker is a small book, just 172 pages (Seedbed Publishing). I consider it the most significant...

Putting our hope in the living God is foundational for the life of faith. Read more from Brian Russell as he walks us through Psalm 42.

Read this reflection on Lent as Evelyn Bence draws comparisons to Popeye, the Apostle Paul, and herself.

Condemnation is a symptom; sin is the disease. So to rid us of the symptom—condemnation—God must rid us of the disease—sin.

Off and on now, for more than fifty years, Maxie Dunnam says a word to himself: Maxie, the secret is simply this, Christ in you, yes, Christ in you, bringing with him the hope of all the glorious things to come.”

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