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When God is working for our good, he is working to create a Christlike character within us.

Faithfulness is rooted in a prayerful devotion to God’s Word.

God displays his power and majesty by saving those who are desperate for what only he can do.

The Messiah secures the future for God’s people and reigns forever in God’s kingdom.
Rocket for the Advent Mission

Advent is not just about holidays, vacations, and time off. It’s about listening for the alarms.
Advent Mission cover

Advent is our reminder that Jesus Christ is coming again, and we ought to align ourselves to his grand mission of rescue and realignment.

What happens to faith when it becomes too dogmatic? What about the kind that slides into perpetual doubt? In this video, Josh McNall recommends we adopt a model of faith that lives somewhere in-between.

What is the yoke that Jesus offers us? Stated simply, the yoke of Jesus is a yoke of love, of relationship.

We need people in our lives to journey with us in order that we may “watch over one another in love” between our Sundays and other times of worship.

John Wesley often said that he instituted bands among the people called Methodist in order to create a setting where James 5:16 could be practiced and lived out.

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