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The three slump starters for Christians—past regrets, present sins, and future fears—is a three-headed monster that sucks the life out of the soul.

David followed God through a process that brought him out of the slump and put him back on a streak again.

Degeneration is a gradual descent into spiritual boredom, complacency, and, ultimately, compromise.

Seedbed is pleased to offer a new resource that will help awaken slumbering, backsliding, or apathetic Christians from the stagnation that tends to confront all followers of Jesus at one point or another.

Mark Ongley, author of the new Pure Hearted, answers questions about sexual struggles and his hope for this new resource.

Where God commands obedience, he provides grace to enable us. It simply takes longer for some than for others.

Maintaining purity of heart in a sex-saturated world is a challenge for all believers.

What if within the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings is where the power of his resurrection becomes the most real and the most powerful?

God is well pleased to give you the full measure of the Holy Spirit.

Early church Christians followed the teachings of Jesus. Their living, giving, serving, and loving resulted in the spread of the gospel across the ancient world.

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