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Trade is good. When it comes to creating the conditions necessary to allow others to thrive, it is very good. Moreover, a free market allows for productivity, specialization, and open trade to occur. This naturally allows for innovation and growth, market outcomes that people of faith can reasonably support.

Selecting the right leader will not only reduce the costs and risks of a new leader failing, but can help the organization become more competitive and effective. One way to think about context is person-organization fit in the form of value congruence, the alignment of an individual’s values and the values of the organization.

Markets are complex. While they provide great value, there is good reason for caution. As Christians, I believe we have a responsibility to embrace this complexity, understanding with both our head and heart.

“If Christian colleges and universities don’t get this right—there is really no reason for us to exist.” Much has been written regarding the Raison D’etre of a faith-based institution. Yet this comment—getting ethics right—is of particular importance for faculty and staff preparing students to enter a complex, globalized marketplace.

To so easily separate our business activity from our faith identity is wrong. But why? In this post, we provide three assumptions that, if true, would suggest that business activity can, and should be, intricately tied to our identity.