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Incarnation is not just a matter of tweaking our delivery method. It’s about planting new forms of church in bowling alleys, fitness centers, restaurants, etc.

I live just north of Chicago where we experienced some of the worst flooding in the region’s history during April 2013. I was up...
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

How does evangelism relate to discipleship? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Andrew C. Thompson explains that Christian evangelism goes beyond proclamation and should be understood as a rite of initiation and entering into the means of grace.

Watch today's Seven Minute Seminary by Dr. Matt Friedeman to learn more about the significance of holistic ministry.

What is this burgeoning new Wesleyan movement, and what shape will it take? To be sure, many people have many questions about what the landscape will look like moving forward. David Drury shares some of his questions, as well as hope for conversations at the New Room Conference on September 16th - 18th.

Lately, we hear so much fear-filled speculation about the decline of Christianity. The truth is that global Christianity is growing rapidly. It just may not resemble what we would expect for it to. Max Wilkins shares 10 things you may not know about today's Church.

In the final video of our interview with Ed Stetzer, he discusses why Francis Asbury served as a role model for church planting. Stetzer suggests that part of it had to with the unique combination of missional impulse with deep spirituality. This was energized in part by a commitment to the class meeting.

As Christians, we’re called to live with our feet firmly planted in two different worlds – heaven and earth.

What made the Early Church so successful in making disciples? Max Wilkins shares 5 mission strategies used by the Early Church.

What made so many of the amazing evangelists of the past so effective? Stephen Elliott shares how encounters with the supernatural fanned the flame of revival in John Wesley's ministry.