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In Parts I and II, Timothy Christian examined every reference to Hell in the NT. In this final part, he synthesizes the collective witness and draws some conclusions concerning the NT perspective on Hell and its relationship to human sin.

What is this burgeoning new Wesleyan movement, and what shape will it take? To be sure, many people have many questions about what the landscape will look like moving forward. David Drury shares some of his questions, as well as hope for conversations at the New Room Conference on September 16th - 18th.

The life and ministry of Dr. Billy Graham has impacted millions of people all over the world. His name has become synonymous with his "crusades," which won masses of people to Christ. Yet, most people know little of how his ministry began. In today's post, Jake Hanson shares what he learned about Dr. Graham's personal faith history and early ministry.

What happens to those who have never heard the gospel? In today's article, Brian Shelton, a new expert on the scriptural basis for prevenient grace, explores how this Wesleyan theological theme might make a difference in the destiny of the unevangelized.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Iosmar Alvarez shares a five step strategy that can be implemented to effectively move new believers into authentic followers of Jesus.

St. Thomas is commonly known in the church as “Doubting Thomas.” In today's blog post, Timothy Tennent wants to tell you the rest of the story.

Maybe you are thinking, Why do we need to start new churches? In today's article, Winfield Bevins responds to six myths that commonly surround the mandate to plant churches.

What if instead of talking about church growth, we talked about church fruitfulness? Read more from Rachel Deigh as she reflects on recent conversations in her church.

What made so many of the amazing evangelists of the past so effective? Stephen Elliott shares how encounters with the supernatural fanned the flame of revival in John Wesley's ministry.

Many consider the 21st century to present a unique set of challenges to Christian evangelism and discipleship. But rather than lament the state of digital culture and biblical illiteracy, we can learn to how reach our communities in fresh ways.

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