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Violence done in the name of religious and political ideology by people who do not represent their governments has become a pressing issue, while people victimized by terrorism—both strong and vulnerable­—struggle to answer with a successful response. In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. James Thobaben introduces us to current issues involved with terrorism and possible Christian responses.

How should the church behave toward people who identify as part of the LGBTQ community? Travis Collins offers some suggestions.

Recent news about senior leaders in the organization Planned Parenthood has rightfully sparked outrage about the moral evil of abortion and the disturbing practice of harvesting parts of aborted babies. In today's article, John Adams provides 5 insightful reasons why the church should persist in its condemnation of this abhorrent industry.

John Wesley did not consider eating to be a morally neutral act. In fact, wellness and diet were central to Wesley’s message in ways that might seem strange to most American churchgoers today. Read more on the blog from Bill Guerrant, a farmer and leader in the food movement.

How should Christians relate to the Old Testament? In this video interview, Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. Ben Witherington instruct us to appropriate the Old Testament through the ethical lens of the New Testament.

What happened during the 20th century sexual revolution, and how did this affect our culture's views on sexuality? View this Seven Minute Seminary video from Christopher West, the world's leading spokesperson on Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body.

Sometimes the responses we offer to victims of abuse are simply wrong. Read more today from Mark Ongley as he suggests a better way forward.

Do we want our children growing up learning about sex from culture, or from the church? In today's article, Kensi Duszynski makes a compelling case for playing an active role in the sexual education of children and teenagers in the church, and promises to follow up with 7 positive messages about sex that kids need to hear.

June 20th is World Refugee Day. Medine Keener shares 7 facts about refugees and gives us an inside look on what it is like to be one.

Jeremy Spainhour writes up a testimony to the innate desire and sense of vengeful violence on those who hurt others. Read more of this profound reflection on our current cultural climate.

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