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We all hear about fighting against human trafficking, and that is a good thing to fight against. However, human trafficking is not the problem. Kevin Austin shares that human trafficking is merely a symptom of a much larger and more complex problem.

June 20th is World Refugee Day. Medine Keener shares 7 facts about refugees and gives us an inside look on what it is like to be one.
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Violence done in the name of religious and political ideology by people who do not represent their governments has become a pressing issue, while people victimized by terrorism—both strong and vulnerable­—struggle to answer with a successful response. In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. James Thobaben introduces us to current issues involved with terrorism and possible Christian responses.

In a world of vast economic change, can the gospel inform our vision and practice of work and the economy? Using the Wesleyan movement as an example, Dr. Greg Forster of Acton University discusses how the gospel can lead to positive impact on the economy and on community's lives.

What's the difference between legalism and holiness? In today's article, Keith Drury walks us through a profound, step-by-step understanding of how legalism often creeps into a community and gets mistaken for holiness.

A key building block in our theology of the body is the recognition that our physical bodies are signs to the world as we embody God’s saving purposes and his holy love.

How can we, as communities of faith, respond to the refugee crisis that is now affecting most of the world? Inderjit Bhogal shares how we must come together to provide safety and refuge for all.

What is the church's call to refugees and immigrants? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Darrell Whiteman challenges the church to consider its high calling to help the displaced and vulnerable of society.

Scientists, philosophers, and sociologists have long debated as to which was stronger: nature or nurture. It is clear that our genetics can affect things like our decision-making and personalities. But, how can these factors affect disciple-making?

One of the primary reasons nonbelievers cite for their lack of faith is the hypocrisy of Christians. Does this mean authenticity should be elevated as the chief end of the Christian life? Read more from Andrew Dragos as he discusses the relationship between the church, authenticity, and holiness.

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