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How important is our faith, really? Guy Williams reviews a book about how one man's faith impacted his job interrogating prisoners of war in Iraq.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Mark Ongley explains that the starting point for sexuality in God's design is a healthy relationship.

Dr. James R. Thobaben explains the process of two kinds of reasoning: moral and virtue reasoning. He breaks down how we make decisions, and offers some helpful insight for better decision-making techniques. Dr. Thobaben offers a helpful, Wesleyan perspective.

A proper theology of the body embraces the sacredness and sanctity of all our embodied existence and sees the eternal significance in each day.

How can we, as communities of faith, respond to the refugee crisis that is now affecting most of the world? Inderjit Bhogal shares how we must come together to provide safety and refuge for all.

The body celebrates that our physical bodies serve a redemptive purpose. They are the means through which God conveys his grace.

God’s kingdom spreads when believers live in a manner worthy of imitation.

Christian community should be characterized by self-giving love, even in difficult circumstances.

The incarnation is theologically linked to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is connected to our own bodily resurrection.

A Christian theology of the body points to a tremendous, positive view of the material body.

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