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Sometimes the responses we offer to victims of abuse are simply wrong. Read more today from Mark Ongley as he suggests a better way forward.

According to one of the most recent national surveys, 74% of Americans believe in God. That may be good news…until you ask two important questions. First, why did only 74% believe in God when 82% did the year before? Second, and perhaps more relevant, what exactly is it that 74% of Americans believe about God? In today's post, David R. Smith explains how what you believe will show in your life.

What does the Bible teach about justice? See this quick reference guide for an overview of God's character and his expectations for the church.
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In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Kent Dunnington explains how, through the grace of God, we can actually become the virtuous people that image God in our moral lives.

How important is our faith, really? Guy Williams reviews a book about how one man's faith impacted his job interrogating prisoners of war in Iraq.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Mark Ongley suggests that the church begin having candid conversations both about sexual brokenness and about the wonderfully-designed gift of sex that God gave his creation.

How should Christians deal with moral conflict? Dr. James R. Thobaben, author and Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, examines the topic through examples in Scripture and practical examples in churches.

How can we, as communities of faith, respond to the refugee crisis that is now affecting most of the world? Inderjit Bhogal shares how we must come together to provide safety and refuge for all.

Been on Facebook lately? It’s full of global news and national controversies. In today's piece, Aaron Perry works through several rival ethical systems and suggests that Christians ought to evaluate how we respond to current events in the news.

It is easy to see issues as cut and dry when they are not personal. John Murdock shares one woman's very personal story about abortion.