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How should Christians respond to the unethical killing of Cecil the lion, especially in the midst of the evil controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood? In today's piece, John Murdock challenges us to think how we can most effectively win over animal activists to a fuller pro-life position.

Jeremy Spainhour writes up a testimony to the innate desire and sense of vengeful violence on those who hurt others. Read more of this profound reflection on our current cultural climate.

Perfectionism. It pervades all aspects of our culture. But, the church is an oasis for grace to reign when we aren't perfect...or is it? David Hull discusses the insidious nature of perfectionism and the ways it has invaded the church.

Though not yet having undergone gender-reassignment surgery, Bruce Jenner has taken several steps towards becoming a woman, including asking the public to call him Caitlyn. In this article, John A. Murdock navigates the issue with sensitivity and care.

How should Christians relate to the Old Testament? In this video interview, Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. Ben Witherington instruct us to appropriate the Old Testament through the ethical lens of the New Testament.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Mark Ongley suggests that the church begin having candid conversations both about sexual brokenness and about the wonderfully-designed gift of sex that God gave his creation.

How should Christians and churches handle finances? Jesus modeled the way for us and gave us instructions that make no sense according to the economy of this world.

There's a difference between how we treat homosexuality as an issue and how we treat people who struggle with homosexuality. Taylor Brown shares what we must do as the Church in terms of actual people.

What does the Bible teach about justice? See this quick reference guide for an overview of God's character and his expectations for the church.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary Dr. Lawson Stone shares 7 points we must keep in mind when encountering violence in the Old Testament. In this video, he addresses whether...