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In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Mark Ongley suggests that understanding sexual identity as a fluid spectrum will both challenge and affirm the way the church typically approaches the topic, and provide fresh resources for living in community with LGBTQ people.

When we give to the things that God cares about, we store up treasures in heaven. Our everyday living positions us to serve as conduits of God’s generosity.

The truth about Human trafficking is scary to face. There are many ways that we avoid the unpleasantness of it all. But, Katie Bergman offers some good news. Your church is already fighting human trafficking in ways you may not realize.

Why do gender differences matter, and what do they have to do with the spiritual union between Christ and his church? Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video with Christopher West, popularizer of Pope John Paul II's work on Theology of the Body.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Mark Ongley suggests that the church begin having candid conversations both about sexual brokenness and about the wonderfully-designed gift of sex that God gave his creation.

The problem of violence in the Old Testament doesn't involve what we'd call mere criminality. The real problem is divinely sanctioned, divinely commanded violence, and...

How should the church behave toward people who identify as part of the LGBTQ community? Travis Collins offers some suggestions.

John Wesley devoted a substantial part of his life's work to improving the physical health and well-being of all people. Read more today from Bill Guerrant's work on the Organic Wesley.

The Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 has gotten a lot of attention of late. Those who want to change The United Methodist Church’s position on same-sex practices cite it frequently. Did James and the other apostles decide that portions of the Mosaic law no longer applied to them? In what ways is our current debate similar to and different from the Jerusalem Council?
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In this Seven Minute Seminary, Craig Keener reminds us that salvation, even in the Old Testament, was always by grace through faith.

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