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A proper theology of the body embraces the sacredness and sanctity of all our embodied existence and sees the eternal significance in each day.

The body celebrates that our physical bodies serve a redemptive purpose. They are the means through which God conveys his grace.

The incarnation is theologically linked to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is connected to our own bodily resurrection.

A Christian theology of the body points to a tremendous, positive view of the material body.

We live our whole lives under the moral mandate to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Christian community should be characterized by self-giving love, even in difficult circumstances.

God’s kingdom spreads when believers live in a manner worthy of imitation.

It is fitting that the tenth commandment brings the moral code of God right into the human heart—it's about inward desire not outward behavior.

The gods were personified sources of power that reflected the breadth of humanity, including its best and more often its worst attributes.

How should Christians and churches handle finances? Jesus modeled the way for us and gave us instructions that make no sense according to the economy of this world.

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