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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

http://youtu.be/D3CP4gE8Jt8 What makes the book of Revelation unique? How should we begin to understand it's meaning and message? Dr. Ben Witherington here explains it in...
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

Does Matthew 24 and 1 Thessalonians 4 teach the Rapture? Last week Ben Witherington shared on the origins of rapture theology. This week, watch him explain the Bible background and historical imagery behind two popular proof texts for rapture theology.

What is Advent? Watch this video with Dr. Michael Pasquerello as he explains its meaning and significance.

Jesus gives his disciples the truth about the challenges that lay ahead but he paints a much bigger picture of the greater things in the making.

This is the second of a 3 part series on the biblical teaching on hell. In a Christian culture often reduced to a “turn-or-burn” mentality, is it more accurate to say, “You’re not going to hell”? A close reading of Scripture reveals that the divine punishment for human sin is death, not hell.

Knowing historical background related to the Bible makes the book come alive for contemporary Christians and also helps us understand it as the original audience would have. Andrew Dragos highlights 4 images from the book of Revelation that are brought to light by historical background.

Is the world going to hell in a handbasket? Bill Guerrant shares the truth about the "good old days" and where we stand now in terms of poverty, war, and the evils present in the world today.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminaryvideo

Contrary to how some read 1 Corinthians 15, the spiritual body is about source of empowerment, not quality of material. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video from Ben Witherington III as he critiques views on the spiritual body that pass over the resurrection.

Is your understanding too narrow, and is it really based on what the Bible teaches? Read these 5 passages of Scripture, referenced by Richard Middleton in his lateset book, A New Heaven and a New Earth.

What should Christians believe about heaven, hell, and purgatory? Jerry Walls' recent work on the last things is a fascinating exploration into some of the deepest realms of Christian thought. Check out the review by Drew McIntyre today on the blog.