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The truth about Human trafficking is scary to face. There are many ways that we avoid the unpleasantness of it all. But, Katie Bergman offers some good news. Your church is already fighting human trafficking in ways you may not realize.

Our suffering purges and cleanses us. Our advance extends the rule and reign of Christ.

Would the Apostle Paul have urged us "not to be so heavenly minded you’re no earthly good"? In today's article, Steve Seamands weighs in on the significance of Jesus' ascension.

We have the wonderful opportunity to disciple our children when they are out in the community, "walking along the road." Read more from Christina Embree as she continues with the third installment of her 4-part series on discipling children.

As you go through the Lord’s Prayer, reflect on what each line means. As you go, begin to pray it from the heart as a family several times a day.

What is the deepest, most profound expression of love? It depends on who (or what institution) you ask. Our culture will likely say something completely different than the church, but is the church saying something different than Scripture? Taylor Zimmerman explains why the church desperately needs to reclaim a Biblical model of friendship.

What are habits, and why do they matter for Christians? In James K. A. Smith's latest book, you'll discover both a challenge and an encouragement for the church to take seriously the power of love and desire.

In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Dean Blevins shares how the Methodist movement focused on the means of grace as the conduit for discipleship.
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Both John Wesley and George Whitefield won thousands of converts to Christ in the 18th century, leading to a great revival of the church. But Whitefield often relied on Wesley to organize and offer spiritual oversight to new converts. Watch Dr. Ryan Danker explain how this phenomenon and the flexibility of John Wesley's ministry to meet the spiritual needs of the day contributed to renewal in the church.

The resurrection is not just the happy ending to an almost-tragic story. It is the very core of our story and our identity as Christians. Molly Just explains the deep significance of the resurrection and gives us a different perspective with which to view it.