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God does make our paths straight, but He often does it through what seems like a lot of crooked lines.

Jean Watson shares how God can use our deepest sorrows to bring us to the land of our destiny.

A discipleship band is neither a traditional small group nor a typical accountability group. The primary curriculum is the lives of its participants, joined together in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit reverses the curse of entropy, of chaos. He renews to counterbalance the fallen state of this world that is headed for destruction.

The more you turn to the Holy Spirit, the more you develop a secure, ridiculous, and joyful hope that everything is possible.

Advent is a time to join together with others to celebrate the coming of Christ’s birth.

Today’s culture does not naturally move students toward this kind of Christ-centered life. That's where you come in, as a mentor.
Last Judgement by Michelangelo | Altered

The Christian practice of articulating who God is rests upon the foundational revelation given to us in the gospel—the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as presented in holy Scriptures.

How do children become Christians? It is no different for children than it is for adults. It’s simple, yet deeply profound.

How should Christians and churches handle finances? Jesus modeled the way for us and gave us instructions that make no sense according to the economy of this world.

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