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Early church Christians followed the teachings of Jesus. Their living, giving, serving, and loving resulted in the spread of the gospel across the ancient world.

The Christian traditions that will thrive in twenty-first century America will be those who take seriously their responsibility to instruct believers in the faith.

A proper theology of the body embraces the sacredness and sanctity of all our embodied existence and sees the eternal significance in each day.

The body celebrates that our physical bodies serve a redemptive purpose. They are the means through which God conveys his grace.

The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us...

Though Christians often pray, they are rarely the bold prayers of intercession. Maxie Dunnam urges the church to reconsider.

Our commitment to God should play out in everyday life, even when it is difficult. Mary shows us it's possible.

Common, everyday faithfulness is a prerequisite for service in God’s mission.

The Enemy has lost the war, and if we will take authority as Jesus has given us permission to do, then the Enemy will also lose the battles he wages in your life and mine.

In community, we are invited to deal with our own idols, our own mess, and sometimes to gently invite others to root out their own idols as well.

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