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Though Christians often pray, they are rarely the bold prayers of intercession. Maxie Dunnam urges the church to reconsider.

Our commitment to God should play out in everyday life, even when it is difficult. Mary shows us it's possible.

Common, everyday faithfulness is a prerequisite for service in God’s mission.

The Enemy has lost the war, and if we will take authority as Jesus has given us permission to do, then the Enemy will also lose the battles he wages in your life and mine.

In community, we are invited to deal with our own idols, our own mess, and sometimes to gently invite others to root out their own idols as well.

The incarnation is theologically linked to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is connected to our own bodily resurrection.

A Christian theology of the body points to a tremendous, positive view of the material body.

Living Room Liturgy is written to help you worship in the everyday moments of life in your home.

We need more than a tepid, easy-to-swallow, so-called gospel that is void of power, holiness, and transformation. We want a rebirth of New Testament Christianity.

Jesus offers forgiveness to the person who has sinned against us not from a position of ignorance, but from the position of having experienced what we have experienced.

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