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If evangelism is just a check-­the-­box insurance policy paid for with the simple verbalization of a brief prayer, then calling those same people to costly, lifelong obedience in Christ in the days ahead will be a nearly impossible task.

Those who no longer participate in the pleasures of this world may suffer for that choice, but God will vindicate them.

Christians have a powerful adversary, the devil. But he can be resisted, and God’s promises are trustworthy.

God makes us like Jesus and then uses us to build his temple.

The Lord displays his love to us through his kindness and through his discipline.

The Lord desires our private affections over our public performances.

We cannot get from shame to grace without going through the cross.

If God could accept a criminal on the cross, God can readily accept us whatever our imperfections or wrongdoing.

In examining the Lord's Prayer, we learn that prayer begins with God, not with us or with our needs.

Social distancing, if handed over to God, may set your life trajectory in a new divine direction.