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Here prayer is put on its highest level—every prayer prayed in the spirit of Jesus is answered.

So Christianity is muscle and miracle—not too much muscle lest we be strained; not too much miracle lest we be drained.

Sometimes doing devotionals can get in the way of really hearing from God if it makes us dependent on others' thoughts to get into Scripture. In this article, Jessica LaGrone narrates the story of how when and how she stopped doing devotionals in order to get back into the Word herself.

Feeding empty with fullness Indulgence aside Tasting weakness Shattering pride Spiritual gasping Ironic self care Inhaling mercy Exhaling prayer Hunger for knowing Beyond taste’s delight Divine craving Soul’s appetite Love’s yoke of longing Dross churning within Fiery crucible...

Condemnation is a symptom; sin is the disease. So to rid us of the symptom—condemnation—God must rid us of the disease—sin.

Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God;...

“He restores my soul.”  These familiar words from Psalm 23 beautifully describe the hope awaiting a group of girls I met on my recent...

The Holy Spirit reverses the curse of entropy, of chaos. He renews to counterbalance the fallen state of this world that is headed for destruction.

Looking for just the right Advent devotional or resource? Worship Design Collective shares a list of helpful resources for every type of personality!

The more you turn to the Holy Spirit, the more you develop a secure, ridiculous, and joyful hope that everything is possible.