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We are blessed so that those who have not yet experienced the blessings of God might know him and join in the growing circle of praise to him.

Even in the darkest of times, we are reminded that Jesus Christ conquered death itself, that Jesus trampled over death and brought us through that darkness into new life.

Sometimes we don’t even need to voice our deepest prayers, but simply sit in God’s presence and let him still the raging sea that is in turmoil within us.

In the end, God does not offer any technical explanation for the presence of evil and suffering. Instead, he offers up himself.

In God's presence all things are seen in a new light. The loud narratives of this world and culture start growing dimmer.

Each and every day of our lives that we need the deliverance and help of the living God. Some days we feel that need more than others, but it is a reality for every one of us.

Spiritual amnesia is one of the great problems that beset us during times of trial, but the same God who was with us in the light will guide us in the days of darkness and trial.

It is in Christ that we can now truly be a member of that community known as “the righteous.”

It is an early sign that God shows his greatest strength through weakness and vulnerability. Jesus Christ came as God’s mighty warrior to defeat the powers of sin, death, and pain of this world.

Psalm 61 places in poetical form all that we know to be true about Jesus Christ and the gospel.

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