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When we love someone for the wonder and beauty of who they are, regardless of what they can do for us, we are friends.

The most beautiful thing is that Jesus has actually turned death—the greatest tragedy—into the greatest healing by the gift of a new birth into a life so durable it cannot be finally killed.

Jesus woke up every morning knowing only one person was looking for him—his Father.

Awakening is not an uptick in religious activities, but street-level healing in Jesus name.

Jesus came to fill us with himself so much so that heaven would break in on earth.

We must pay very close attention to the way Jesus honors this reality of the image of God in every single person. 

The mind of Jesus looks like obedience. Moment by moment obedience. Trusted relational obedience. Abiding obedience. 

I can be so focused on my plans that I miss the possibilities of the kingdom of heaven to break in on earth through the things I would consider interruptions.

If we would do what Jesus does, we must become keen students of what he did in his ministry among us.

According to Scripture, following Jesus means being possessed of his mind, animated by his Spirit, infused with his power, and compelled by his love.

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