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We were all crafted to express the impractical extravagance of holy love.

Jesus' second coming will be so overwhelming that it will strike either irresistible love or irresistible horror into every creature.

Jesus stands at the door of Advent knocking, not to ruin Christmas parties but to bring the deeper celebrations we were made for.

Repentance means the realignment of one’s life with what matters most. It’s a breaking away from, a preparing for, and a running toward.

What if holiness is not immunity from the world, but the contagion in the world we want everyone to catch?

The response to abounding love is not reciprocation but deep receiving leading to deepening relationship.

By the power of his Word and Spirit, Jesus wants to reach deeper than mere behavior and into our dispositions, desires, and affections. 

Christmas is an invitation to behold. Advent is a message saying, “Wake up!” 

Faith says yes before the assignment from God comes, and it is essential we start practicing now.

Righteousness means life made right again—not by our efforts but from beyond us. 

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