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The mountains provide a great reminder of the presence of God, because God met his people on the mountains.

Let our voices, whether it be in a song of worship or when we are talking with our coworkers or friends, be voices that always give glory to God.

Psalm 104 leaves us breathless at the array of images and the extent of God’s care and provision.

God’s full and final promise of deliverance and protection is only seen in the light of final judgment revealed at the end of the ages.

All of our worship is anticipating that even greater chorus that the apostle John sees in the book of Revelation.

In the Scriptures, one’s right hand is a reference to one’s strength and might, and in this way, Jesus is the greatest expression of God’s right hand.

God came among us in humility, and unlike the tumultuous time on Mount Sinai, we could see him face-to-face.

To pluck or to cherry-pick verses out of the Psalms is to rob us of a very important part of the journey.

As Christians, we know that in Jesus Christ a greater tabernacle has come into our midst! It is through Jesus Christ that we have now been brought near to God.

As Christians, we need to remember that the way to be truly on the right side of history is to align ourselves with the character and purposes of God.

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