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Jesus not only provides the basis for our forgiveness, he also bears our fear, shame, anguish, and the pain of betrayal.

Even in the midst of difficulties, the psalmist looks back from a future point when his deliverance has taken place.

We need to remember that the central problem of our age is not too much stress, but too little hope.

God works in us every good work, that the righteousness that was once merely imputed to us becomes, in real time, imparted to us, in ever-increasing measures.

Just as the creation of Adam and Eve into a one-flesh relationship marked the beginning of the whole history of humanity, so the marriage of Christ and his church will mark the beginning of the New Creation.

It is important to David not only that we are declared innocent before God, but that we are publicly honored before the eyes of those who have plotted our downfall.

The final outcome of God’s work in the world may be peace, but it only comes about through the forceful intrusion of his judgments, overturning wickedness, and bringing about justice.

Psalm 48 points us away from the earthly temple to God himself, the ultimate citadel of strength and protection.

We all have a tendency to try to refashion God in an image of our own making, but the God of biblical revelation is the God whom we will someday face.

God's love is no sentimental or emotive feeling—which can be devastated by the perpetrators of wickedness, or snuffed out by the disappointments of life.