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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary Dr. Charles Gutenson here outlines John Wesley's order of salvation—that work of God which begins with prevenient grace and ends with glorifying grace. View our...

How do you think? Ever thought about that? Not everyone thinks the same way. We all tend to think—that is, to reason—in different ways, depending...

"When God’s people fail to care for the land, they actually break every one the Ten Commandments. For all God’s commands touch the land in one way or another." Read more from Howard Snyder today on the feed.

In this provocative article, Howard Synder calls upon the church to reconsider its lax stance on creation care. He bases it upon 7 points of evidence about the state of the environment and 3 ways to move forward in our mission as a church.

"Despite the fall and all the problems of sin, the whole earth is still full of the glory of the Lord!" Read this excellent piece from Dr. Howard Snyder that will both deepen your awe of God and ground your theology of the world.

Today the vast majority of us are not farmers. Yet the principles of gleaning and caring for the poor are as timeless as the book of Ruth. How might we continue in the faithfulness of Boaz and make sure we create room for more grace and less waste?  

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