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Sift human experience by the Word of God; Never allow the Word of God to be sifted by human experience.

"Unless." It's a dangerous word. It should be invoked sparingly and with great caution and discernment.

The closer a person becomes to God, the more human they become.

Healing has as much to do with the love of the healers than it does the faith of the one seeking to be healed.

In the ministry of the gospel, effectiveness gets redefined from the giftedness of the preacher to the Gift of the Spirit.

The soles of your shoes will start to wear thin after a while from kicking off the dust. That's the downside of the gospel.

The Holy Spirit is attracted to holy discontent like lightening to a lightening rod.

This is the missing link in the Christian faith today: continuing in the grace of God.

We preachers must remember the power is in the gospel, not in all of our well-intended long winded preaching.

We must cease trying to get the Bible to live in our categories and begin to move ourselves into the category of the Bible.

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