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The greatest threat to the gospel doesn't usually come from the outsiders but from the insiders. Religion can be treacherous.

The sign of being filled with the Holy Spirit is holy love.

We preachers today have found a way to be a lot more reductionistic with the gospel while at the same time being a lot more long-winded.

There are times to read Scripture from a tactical angle and there are times to read it from a larger perspective.

Hearing from the Holy Spirit is not reserved for a special class of Christians. It really should be an every day experience for every follower of Jesus.

For Paul, sound doctrine and teaching were not mere matters of right and wrong but of life and death.

The early church was faithful to the brand of Jesus, both in form and in power. They were not marketing Jesus, rather, they were living the brand.

The Holy Spirit desires to work through us so that through our sheer presence he may deliver others from evil.

Our task is to see "the vision" and then become the kind of people doing the kind of creative work through whom others can see it.

We think of the Holy Spirit in terms of power without understanding that the power of the Holy Spirit is love.

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