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God gets us where he wants us, no matter the machinations.

In the eyes of the watching world, Jesus was completely vulnerable. But in the strength of the Holy Spirit, he was totally invincible.

Listening for the whisper of the Holy Spirit is a cultivated skill which must become part of our discipleship.

Here's a mark of Holy Spirit maturity in a follower of Jesus: You no longer have anything to prove; only something to become.

Paul wanted those who persecuted him to know Jesus as he knew him—as all in all, as his sufficiency and strength, as his one exclusive hope.

God chose a man who hated his son to become his son's chief witness.

Why aren't our churches centers of learning languages? It's probably the most apostolic move we could make.

The greatest threat to the gospel doesn't usually come from the outsiders but from the insiders. Religion can be treacherous.

Our meetings ought to look more like, "Reporting in detail what God had done among the Gentiles through this ministry."

Know the destination. Don't sweat the details. I think it's how the will of God works more often than not.

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