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I live just north of Chicago where we experienced some of the worst flooding in the region’s history during April 2013. I was up...

The scriptures mark out a path that guides and leads us to God’s future. In our day, as we sense acutely the new challenges presented to the work of the gospel, followers of Jesus must hold to the practice of faithfulness to God’s word as a key habit to cultivate and embody that life. Such a way of life will serve as the fuel for revitalizing existing communities of faith and for the launching of new ones.

History is marked by much unwarranted polemicism in the church. In this article, Dr. Ken Werlein calls on the church to exercise theological humility and charity in working alongside one another for the gospel.

On The Verge offers hope and instruction for established churches to join in what God is doing to reach His people. This Seedbed Summary outlines the main points of the book. Find out if it On The Verge will be a useful one in your ministry.

You no longer have to go to church to hear about faith. We are constantly surrounded with talk of faith and belief. From Hollywood to popular music; professional sports to political campaigns; the language of faith is everywhere. And in each context, it seems to take an a new meaning. The problem, though, is that a word that can mean anything usually ends up meaning nothing. Pastor Matt O'Reilly reflects on what faith is and what it isn't.

When we begin to view all of the church’s ministries as educative, we are encouraged to reflect not only on what we are teaching people, but how we are forming and shaping their walk with Christ. In this article, we offer four fresh and practical suggstions for reigniting the Church's educational ministry.

Read about how a new church planter found hope and promise in God's present and active involvement in prevenient grace at The Community in Northern Kentucky.

Should women be in leadership positions in the Church? Today Dr. Ben Witherington III offers scriptural support for women in leadership. He explains the "problem passages" and offers a Wesleyan perspective on the topic.

Do it Alone. Tommy Gray shared in an interview last year that 70 percent of historic church plants in the United Methodist tradition in his region have either failed or never reached membership of over 125 people.  They were not accomplishing what they set out to do.   As they reflected on what wasn't working Gray shared those things that have made them more successful recently.  Among those characteristics I found one unifying theme that seemed to spell doom to new plants; that was the attempt by the planter and expectation of others that he or she could do it alone. There is little that correlates with failure more than isolation of the planter.  Note these ways it is possible to try to plant without healthy connection: Without God: Jim Griffith shares that this is most often seen in pastors neglecting the Great Commandment in pursuit of the Great Commission. Without a Confirmed Calling or Gifting: […]

So, it is clear to me that Caucasian people groups in the United States (and, indeed, wherever these groups are found) represent the fastest growing mission field in the world.

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