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Why must Anglicans plant churches, and what about their tradition makes it a stream that enriches the mission of planting churches? In this video interview, Dan Alger offers wisdom and encouragement for those sensing a call to this particular vocation.
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What is gospel hospitality, and why does it seem so radical in our world? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, watch Dr. Amy Oden as she presents a beautiful picture for the gospel calling to welcome the stranger and the vulnerable of our society.

There’s nothing quite like tearing off the last page of a calendar and turning to a new year. It brings a clean slate, offering...

How do we show justice and grace? By loving God and others. We shouldn’t be forced to choose one or the other. We need both.

Do it Alone. Tommy Gray shared in an interview last year that 70 percent of historic church plants in the United Methodist tradition in his region have either failed or never reached membership of over 125 people.  They were not accomplishing what they set out to do.   As they reflected on what wasn't working Gray shared those things that have made them more successful recently.  Among those characteristics I found one unifying theme that seemed to spell doom to new plants; that was the attempt by the planter and expectation of others that he or she could do it alone. There is little that correlates with failure more than isolation of the planter.  Note these ways it is possible to try to plant without healthy connection: Without God: Jim Griffith shares that this is most often seen in pastors neglecting the Great Commandment in pursuit of the Great Commission. Without a Confirmed Calling or Gifting: […]

What is Advent anyway? Dale Coulter takes a look at John the Baptist and Advent.

Lent is right around the corner. Elizabeth Rhyno shares a tried and true order of worship for Ash Wednesday.

Matt Lipan had the opportunity of serving as a campus pastor for a large church for 4 years. Here he shares 4 things that any campus pastor should keep in mind. Among them are knowing the end game, or goal of the campus ministry, and embracing the unique setting.

The Christian calendar unites us as a worshiping community, and as a community of faith we move forward along the road which leads us to the one whose name we bear. In today's article, read more from Chris Peters about the gift that the church calendar serves for us.

What made the Early Church so successful in making disciples? Max Wilkins shares 5 mission strategies used by the Early Church.

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