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Where would we be without the Protestant Reformation that happened 500 years ago? Read these quick points by Andrew Dragos as a reference for the great consequences of this powerful historical moment.

What should evangelism look like in the 21st century vs. old paradigms? How might the Bible inform this understanding? Dr. Bob Stamps shares with us.

“Satan does not want to be ruler of your life; he wants you to be ruler of your life.” Read more today from Ty Konopinski as he explores the fine line between self-care and self-indulgence, and what the appropriate balance is between the two.

What is the term, Communion Sunday, all about? Why do we use it? Jason Nelson gives 10 great reasons why we should ditch it altogether, as well as a prescription for encountering a unique kind of grace each week.

How can we engage congregants who work and live in the scientific community? Ben Espinoza shares wisdom on appealing to their rational and delightful inclinations toward reconciling science and faith.

What does a healthy worship team look like, and how can you foster that culture as a worship leader? Drew Causey claims that healthy worship teams are better than a talented worship team, and healthy teams are usually the talented ones anyway. Read these 4 tips on how to accomplish this as a worship leader.

Read about how a new church planter found hope and promise in God's present and active involvement in prevenient grace at The Community in Northern Kentucky.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Mark Ongley suggests that the church begin having candid conversations both about sexual brokenness and about the wonderfully-designed gift of sex that God gave his creation.

As a small church pastor, it's tough to completely ignore numbers. In this article, Kirk Taylor opens up about his struggle to focus on the things that really matter in his first year of pastoring a small church, and how this surprised him.

The Band Meeting by Kevin Watson and Scott Kisker is a small book, just 172 pages (Seedbed Publishing). I consider it the most significant...