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In popular theology, we come across all sorts of doctrinal myths and errors. Andrew Dragos shares five surprising myths that may be hurting the Body of Christ.

Another General Conference has ended and you are feeling betrayed, angry and sad about the brokenness of the church. Is there a way forward? Have the Bishops provided it with the document by the same name? Are we hopeful about the future?

How did the early church engage with surrounding culture? In this article Steve Bruns offers illuminating insight from how the early Christians lived a spiritual life and made disciples. It is this pattern that Wesley employed in his own organization of the Methodist societies, and this pattern will help us discover what we can learn from the early Church and apply to today.

Holiness is fundamentally about the presence of God being restored into our lives, our other relationships and, indeed, in the world.

Freshen up on the nature and origins of the Advent season with this installment of the Seven Quick Facts series from Andrew Dragos.
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In 18th century Methodism, ordering people according to gender and marital status and putting them in micro-communities catalyzed spiritual growth of regions and realigned the spiritual trajectory of entire nations. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video of Kevin Watson painting a compelling picture of Wesleyan band meetings.

How can we establish solid healing ministries in our churches? Peter Bellini offers 10 insights for implementing healing ministry in your local church.

What's the difference between legalism and holiness? In today's article, Keith Drury walks us through a profound, step-by-step understanding of how legalism often creeps into a community and gets mistaken for holiness.

We all hear about fighting against human trafficking, and that is a good thing to fight against. However, human trafficking is not the problem. Kevin Austin shares that human trafficking is merely a symptom of a much larger and more complex problem.

Throughout the ages, God’s people have gathered before Him in song. Here are five reasons why we should celebrate this gift of music.

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