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What are the characteristics of a healthy church? Howard Snyder shares insight from the renewal movement.

How can we make one church feel like home for a very diverse group of Christians? Bruce Cromwell shares what he learned about fostering unity in diversity.

In this video interview, Winfield Bevins and Dan Alger sit down to discuss both the positive contributions and the cultural barriers of planting a church in the Anglican tradition. They conclude that the richness of Anglicanism is fertile ground for missional work in 21st century America.

Maybe you are thinking, Why do we need to start new churches? In today's article, Winfield Bevins responds to six myths that commonly surround the mandate to plant churches.

What was one of the things that held the Methodist movement together? Kevin Watson's book, The Class Meeting, explains that Early Methodists' practice of watching over one another in love was what caused the movement and the people to flourish.

For those who have become disillusioned with Scripture, there remains hope for encountering God afresh. In today's video, Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. Ben Witherington offer helpful tips for those seeking to reorient themselves with God's saving word.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Steve Seamands encourages us to consider John Wesley as a model for how to responsibly welcome the ministry of the Holy Spirit among us.

What would Francis Asbury have to say to today's preachers? Matt Friedeman shares helpful advice.

In the attempt to become relevant to teenagers, many youth ministries have lost the sense of sacredness that properly belongs in all churches. In this article, Jeremy Spainhour reminds us that youth ministry is not about providing entertainment and snacks, rather, youth ministry must reclaim its gospel-centeredness.

You've had a conflict with someone in the church. Now what? There are specific things we can (and should!) do to resolve conflict with our brothers and sisters in the faith. Patricia Taylor shares three biblical steps to a healthy model of reconciliation in the church.