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Let’s pretend for a moment that we knew the day we were going to die. What would we spend our time doing the night before? In today's post, Jake Andrews shares insights into the heart of Jesus from 3 things he asked for on his final night.

What is the term, Communion Sunday, all about? Why do we use it? Jason Nelson gives 10 great reasons why we should ditch it altogether, as well as a prescription for encountering a unique kind of grace each week.

The beginning of the spring season brings with it the season when many pastors and their families are on the move to a new church in a new community. When a pastoral transition is handled well, the excitement will usually far exceed the anxiety. Read 7 ways churches can make transitions a good experience for the whole family.

That moment of panic sets in when you hear the words... "I quit." How do you keep a level head and handle the situation in a godly way when your volunteer resigns? Aaron Perry offers some solid tips on what to do next.
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In 1 Timothy 2:11, Paul writes Timothy, "A woman must learn in quietness and submission." Is this just another expression of ancient, patriarchal culture that sought to suppress women? Watch this Seven Minute Seminary with Dr. Gary Hoag and prepare to be surprised.

Funerals can be a difficult service to lead, which is probably why so many are done so poorly. In this open letter to fellow pastors, Talbot Davis shares 6 points of "dos and don'ts" from his experience of pastoring a large church.

All the strategy, plans, and programs can never truly achieve church renewal or revive us as believers. Instead of relying on endowments, cultural Christianity, or the cultural significance of the mainline church itself, David Watson here points the Church back to the true source of power for renewal—the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.
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The means of grace are discipleship practices that we draw from the biblical witness. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video as Dr. Andrew C. Thompson explains critical paths to spiritual formation and discipleship.

As a church-lover, researcher, and practitioner, I offer four church planting organizations and two church plants you simply need to know. These church planting organizations are getting it done with creative and consistent means. They each offer distinct contributions to the field of church planting.

Sometimes, circumstances change so much over time that it becomes necessary to change the way you think and do things. Jim Ramsay shares the shifting tides in missions and how the church needs to change in order to continue being effective.

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