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The church is often tempted to appease the world by toning down its distinctiveness. In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ryan Danker encourages the church to remain faithful by preaching an authentic gospel of holy love.

Christians have a powerful adversary, the devil. But he can be resisted, and God’s promises are trustworthy.

In this video interview, Winfield Bevins and Dan Alger sit down to discuss both the positive contributions and the cultural barriers of planting a church in the Anglican tradition. They conclude that the richness of Anglicanism is fertile ground for missional work in 21st century America.

How can we teach our youth about Wesleyan Theology? Kelly Soifer shares from her ministry experiences.

What is the term, Communion Sunday, all about? Why do we use it? Jason Nelson gives 10 great reasons why we should ditch it altogether, as well as a prescription for encountering a unique kind of grace each week.

Funerals can be a difficult service to lead, which is probably why so many are done so poorly. In this open letter to fellow pastors, Talbot Davis shares 6 points of "dos and don'ts" from his experience of pastoring a large church.

“Satan does not want to be ruler of your life; he wants you to be ruler of your life.” Read more today from Ty Konopinski as he explores the fine line between self-care and self-indulgence, and what the appropriate balance is between the two.

The apostle Paul was a bi-vocational church planter, so shouldn't everyone else interested in church planting today, also? In today's article, Rosario Picardo shares 3 pros and cons of this approach, with the hope that this helps us reflect on how mainline denominations in the United States can produce thriving, healthy churches once again.

You no longer have to go to church to hear about faith. We are constantly surrounded with talk of faith and belief. From Hollywood to popular music; professional sports to political campaigns; the language of faith is everywhere. And in each context, it seems to take an a new meaning. The problem, though, is that a word that can mean anything usually ends up meaning nothing. Pastor Matt O'Reilly reflects on what faith is and what it isn't.

What is the church's call to refugees and immigrants? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Darrell Whiteman challenges the church to consider its high calling to help the displaced and vulnerable of society.