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In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Stephen Backhouse demonstrates how Søren Kierkegaard can be appropriated to challenge our core assumptions about identity and allegiance.

Recently I came upon a book of advice for pastors.  It’s interesting and enjoyable but I was troubled by the author’s attitude toward what...

Should the church ordain women? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Ben Wayman responds to common objections that would limit ordination to men.

Read about how a new church planter found hope and promise in God's present and active involvement in prevenient grace at The Community in Northern Kentucky.

What made so many of the amazing evangelists of the past so effective? Stephen Elliott shares how encounters with the supernatural fanned the flame of revival in John Wesley's ministry.

In this video, Dr. Kevin Watson explains the vibrant early history of a group of people called Methodists, and compares that to the faith many have settled for in its place.
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The global church has long debated the topic of women in leadership and ministry. Even in traditions that support women as pastors, women who are called to church planting often still face unique challenges of their own. Carolyn Moore explains some of these challenges in this Seven Minute Seminary video.

What are some of the pitfalls of friendship evangelism, and how can we overcome them? Stephen Elliott shares more about effective relational discipleship.

Carolyn Moore discusses the emergence of her book and highlights her hopes for how it will equip the church to experience its high calling of supernatural living.

In this proposal for a new "job description" for worship leaders, Nathan Smith argues that the goal of corporate worship should be to remind the people of God of the story of God’s redemption through Christ, which should make the Christian Worship Leader the best storytellers.

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