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Once we have listened to God and our community, this moves us into the loving and serving stage of a fresh expression.

Is mission work becoming a thing of the past in the west? Jim Ramsay weighs in on recent trends.

Crossing the threshold of a potential new community is frightening, no matter its nature. In this article, Drew McIntyre compares his recent search for a gym to searching for a church home, and shares what he learned from the experience.

Pastors have a wonderful opportunity to instill rich theological content in their churches through their leadership. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary as Dr. Frank Moore offers 5 ways pastors can be resident theologians.
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What is the history of contemporary worship music and how did it become such a powerful force in modern expressions of Christianity? In today's video, Dr. Lester Ruth explains key elements and helps us understand this fascinating cultural and church phenomenon.

As Christians seeking to live with convicted civility, we can’t succumb to either one of them. Instead of leaning out, now is the time to lean in with all wisdom, courage, and compassion.

The shift from inward versus outward focus to existing for Christ can be summed up in one word: love. Chris Dunagan shares insight into defeating a prevalent false dichotomy that is fracturing the church and reintegrating into wholeness in Christ.

Maybe you are thinking, Why do we need to start new churches? In today's article, Winfield Bevins responds to six myths that commonly surround the mandate to plant churches.

God’s power is essential for daily life, but it can’t stop there. Every generation is called to go after the most forceful display of divine power. Read more from Mark Nysewander as he urges us to pray for revival.

Are we willing to go out into the city and compel the unlikely to come to the party? Maxie Dunnam asks this question of the church in today's article.

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