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Life-changing groups will have members who honor the promise of confidentiality that is made in each group. Read more from Kevin Watson as he expresses a key element of transformative small group experiences.

What's the difference between legalism and holiness? In today's article, Keith Drury walks us through a profound, step-by-step understanding of how legalism often creeps into a community and gets mistaken for holiness.

The landscape of church leadership has been steadily changing. How can we move with the transition in ways that are beneficial to our congregations? Bob Whitesel explains these changes and how to effectively adapt.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, James Swanson, Bishop of the United Methodist Church, urges the church not to try to lead without God.

So, it is clear to me that Caucasian people groups in the United States (and, indeed, wherever these groups are found) represent the fastest growing mission field in the world.

What is liturgy and why does it matter to the church? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Jonathan Powers explains the power and role of worshipful liturgy in the life of the church.

Why is the person and ministry of John Wesley still relevant today, and what exactly did he mean by "Christian Perfection?" In this short video, Howard Snyder offers insight based on his classic book The Radical Wesley.

Most of the criticism of short term mission is aimed at the negative impacts on the receiving end. But with good planning, communication, prayer, and preparation, these downsides can be largely avoided. Here are some of Jim Ramsay's suggestions for how to avoid such problems.

The Christendom model as we know it, our dominant Western version of the faith, is disintegrating.

The Youth Ministry Collective is here—a place for youth pastors who believe that the love-driven, grace-filled theology of John Wesley is not just compelling, but is the most transformative way to understand the working of God in the world. Join other leaders in conversations about how this looks in youth ministry.