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In the cycles of the church calendar, Pentecost Sunday is the final Sunday of the Easter Season. For those who design worship, it’s an opportunity to bring in some incredible themes into the gatherings of our church. Find 10 modern worship songs for pentecost in today's article by Drew Causey.

Do you wonder how you can create an environment of welcome for children and families? Rebecca Rutherford shares 7 tips for making others feel like they belong.

The United Methodist Church employs an itinerant system for its clergy, moving them every few years to a new congregation. John Murdock posits that the UM appointment system is one of the cuts slowly bleeding to death a once vigorous spiritual and cultural bulwark.

How can a church grow in diversity? Talbot Davis shares insight on how churches can become diverse by understanding cause and effect in terms of the goal of the church. He also includes 5 ways we can encourage diversity in a church.

Most parents make the assumption that when their child attends their church’s youth program they are going to be surrounded by godly people, be equipped as a disciple of Christ, and be in a Christ centered environment. In today's article, Jake Andrews shares 4 things that must be in place to ensure that happens.

But to effectively serve Christ in the world, we must not merely be called holy; we must actually be holy. In today's article, Timothy Tennent helpfully explains how the pouring out of the Spirit at Pentecost provides the church with this needed holiness.

Growing a choir requires a lot of hard work, dedication and preparation. But the end result? It’s beautiful music to the ears! In today's article, Mary Crowson shares 5 tips for growing a church choir.

Let’s pretend for a moment that we knew the day we were going to die. What would we spend our time doing the night before? In today's post, Jake Andrews shares insights into the heart of Jesus from 3 things he asked for on his final night.

Have you been considering joining a house church? Let us help you! Andy Hogue offers some wise and witty reasons why you might want to reconsider the switch.

What are the problems and dangers facing the 21st century church? Josh McNall shares four challenges he believes today's church needs to address.

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