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The only power worth pursuing is power borrowed from faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As life continues to reopen and return to our new normal, it would be good to consider what lessons we have learned in this abbreviated but enforced sabbath.

Facing injustice is a part of the humble posture that prepares the way for awakening.

Jack Deere shares healthy ways that a church can grow in the spiritual gifts.

Right now, the prayers of God’s people are being collected in golden bowls, mixing with the power of God and transforming death to life.

Carolyn Moore discusses the emergence of her book and highlights her hopes for how it will equip the church to experience its high calling of supernatural living.

Churches genuinely seeking to reach people with the gospel must constantly evaluate the cultural climate in which they live.

There’s nothing quite like tearing off the last page of a calendar and turning to a new year. It brings a clean slate, offering...

The Christendom model as we know it, our dominant Western version of the faith, is disintegrating.

Once we have listened to God and our community, this moves us into the loving and serving stage of a fresh expression.