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Church Planting

Church Planting

To what are church planters actually called? Church Planter Collective shares 6 reminders from Dr. Will Willimon on the calling of a church planter.

What does the Nicene Council have to do with church planting? AJ Thomas discusses responsibility and direction in church planting.

To be a church planter or not to be a church planter? Should you take that shiny job offer or stick to the plan? AJ Thomas weighs in.

Do it Alone. Tommy Gray shared in an interview last year that 70 percent of historic church plants in the United Methodist tradition in his region have either failed or never reached membership of over 125 people.  They were not accomplishing what they set out to do.   As they reflected on what wasn't working Gray shared those things that have made them more successful recently.  Among those characteristics I found one unifying theme that seemed to spell doom to new plants; that was the attempt by the planter and expectation of others that he or she could do it alone. There is little that correlates with failure more than isolation of the planter.  Note these ways it is possible to try to plant without healthy connection: Without God: Jim Griffith shares that this is most often seen in pastors neglecting the Great Commandment in pursuit of the Great Commission. Without a Confirmed Calling or Gifting: […]

Jack King, Rector of Apostles Anglican Church in Knoxville, TN, sits down with Winfield Bevins to talk about ministering to a local community, rhythms of mission and Sabbath, as well as his journey into Anglicanism.

In my youth group "club," everyone was very familiar with everyone else, which felt great. We had certain things we talked about, and we were always on the same wavelength. But what about the people who were not a part of the club? They probably thought we were a little weird. Instead of being the grand poobah of a club, I encourage you to be a facilitator of the greatest movement the world has ever known.

What kind of advice would leaders in the church give you? Carolyn Moore shares some wisdom from her years in ministry.

You feel like you are called to...something. Aaron Perry shares four words to help you understand the call.

Want a recap and a list of resources on discerning the call to church planting? Church Planter offers some additional reading to help you continue your journey.

Does the journey in front of you seem impossible? David Goss shares how God is faithful to keep our feet on stable ground despite hardship.

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