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Want a recap and a list of resources on discerning the call to church planting? Church Planter offers some additional reading to help you continue your journey.

You feel like you are called to...something. Aaron Perry shares four words to help you understand the call.

Pastor of Redeemer Anglican Church in Asheville, North Carolina, Gary Ball shares his love of liturgy and the power of sacramental church planting in a modern context.

How can you know whether or not you are called to church planting? Stephen Elliott shares ten ways to help you discern the call of God on your life.

Jack King, Rector of Apostles Anglican Church in Knoxville, TN, sits down with Winfield Bevins to talk about ministering to a local community, rhythms of mission and Sabbath, as well as his journey into Anglicanism.

Trends are changing in the American religious sphere. David P. King shares why and how these changes matter to everyone.

What happens when you wrestle with God? Wally Harrison shares about leading with a limp.

Are you called to church planting? Stephen Elliott shares 11 ways to find out whether this is the vocation for you!

Listen in as Winfield Bevins interviews David Roseberry about church planting, mission, and living a balanced life of ministry

To what are church planters actually called? Church Planter Collective shares 6 reminders from Dr. Will Willimon on the calling of a church planter.

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