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The global church has long debated the topic of women in leadership and ministry. Even in traditions that support women as pastors, women who are called to church planting often still face unique challenges of their own. Carolyn Moore explains some of these challenges in this Seven Minute Seminary video.

Aesthetics matter when communicating with others. Wes Wilcox shares some graphic design basics for church application.

Whether the church is growing or shrinking, there will always be some who are hurt, angered, or disappointed by it. But could there be fresh expressions, or non-traditional ways of imagining it, that could help restore people to God? Read more from Travis Collins today as he explains a new hope for local communities.

Brittany Jolly shares five characteristics of churches that multiply.

Do you yearn for kingdom-building success? Richard Hunter shares 13 keys from a highly successful church plant.

Are you considering planting a video venue location where the preaching and teaching will be live-streamed over a screen? Aaron Perry shares some of the benefits of this model of spreading the gospel.

Tis the season for stewardship campaigns. Adam Knight shares how to set up a plan that works with your church plant.

It is easy to get attached to your church plant. But, at some point, you will need to move on. Adam Knight shares wisdom about letting go.

Incarnation is not just a matter of tweaking our delivery method. It’s about planting new forms of church in bowling alleys, fitness centers, restaurants, etc.

In this episode of The Threshing Floor Joshua interviews the Rev. Carolyn Moore, founding pastor of Mosiac United Methodist Church in Augusta, Georgia. Carolyn shares her story of call, the role her family plays in her ministry, how there needs to be a different conversation about gender roles in leadership.

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