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Church planters are no strangers to fear. They are not fearless; they simply take action in the midst of fear. If you're exploring church planting or feeling the fear in an area of your current church planting ministry, listen in and get some (en)courage(ment) for your next steps.

FAC ET SPERA: Work and Hope. What a fitting inscription. The seed is sown and watered by the sweat of the planter’s brow. But the harvest is out of our hands.

I was discipled formally through Navigators 2:7 discipleship material. One of the prayer disciplines the material helped develop was a pattern of spending a half day or whole day in prayer.

You're sensing it's time to move, but what is your next step? Transitions are hard on pastors, churches, and the incoming pastor. But there is a next step. There is a way forward. Join Dr. Bob Kaylor as he describes a process for transitions.

Join writing professor Christin Taylor and church planter and writer Jenn Swift to hear about writing, Christmas, and storytelling.

When you go on a journey with others, there is always the question concerning who is going to drive. Winfield Bevins shares three of the things that "drive" a church plant on its journey.

Is your church considering having a social media presence? Faith Hooper shares the basics of what to do and what not to do.

What can we learn from John Wesley's rediscovery of the primitive church? Matt Leroy shares what the early church could say to us now.

Branding your church plant can be so much more than just a cheap gimmick. Cory Doiron shares why he loves branding churches and how it can be crucial to staying true to our mission.

Are you looking for a new tradition to bring the message of Advent home to your congregation? Jim Ozier shares a unique idea for a family candle experience.

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