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Aesthetics matter when communicating with others. Wes Wilcox shares some graphic design basics for church application.

We talk about proper exegesis when crafting a sermon, but what other ways can exegesis be applied to ministry? Rosario Picardo explains what exegesis means when applied to culture and how properly exegeting the culture you serve can make a world of difference in ministry.

Advent and Christmas provide great opportunities for outreach and gratitude. But how do we balance excellence with shrinking bandwidth? How do we communicate family in larger groups? Listen in as Aaron Saenz shares part of his journey and the efforts of the church he leads this season.

Antioch was Paul’s first recorded local church where he was a teaching pastor at the bottom of a multiethnic and multi-gifted Leadership Team (Acts 13:1). Church planting became the heart of the Pauline mission.

Three Reminders from the Annunciation for Planters Steve Johnson Every year, during Advent, we enter into God’s story of redemption where the Creator God chose to...

The road to church planting is littered with pastors who burned out, committed moral failure, or simply walked away from the ministry. The good news is not all church planting ventures ends in disaster, failure, and frustration. Many church planters can and do thrive in various contexts.

As best I can tell, nowhere in scripture are we told to plant churches. We are, however, clearly commissioned to make disciples. Church planting is the outflow of effective disciple making given the corporate nature of discipleship.

So you're planting a church. But, how do you fund it? Roz Picardo has some tips for moving forward with finances.

Was your Christmas good? Could it have been better? Faith Hooper shares how important it is to evaluate to see what was uplifting and what you might do differently next year.

Today Heath Mullikin sits down with Jeremy Summers and Matt LeRoy to talk about their book, Paradox.

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