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It's important to recognize the natural seasons of church planting in order to be faithful to the biblical great commission. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video by William Chaney of Path1 ministries.

Join Dr. Patrick Eby, Assistant Professor of Church History at Wesley Seminary as he shares part of his story of race and reconciliation in the church and some practical insights for church planters.

How can you empower your laypeople to serve? Kathy Rohrs shares how to equip them to lead in the ministry of the church.

I remember realizing, a few months into planting a new church, that I was definitely not spiritually prepared for the work. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with the time I put into listening for and seeking after the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The apostle Paul was a bi-vocational church planter, so shouldn't everyone else interested in church planting today, also? In today's article, Rosario Picardo shares 3 pros and cons of this approach, with the hope that this helps us reflect on how mainline denominations in the United States can produce thriving, healthy churches once again.

Tis the season for stewardship campaigns. Adam Knight shares how to set up a plan that works with your church plant.

We hear so much about the faith of our fathers, but what about the great women of faith? Carolyn Moore shares 10 women of faith you may not know about and what their contributions mean to us now.
developing a preaching team

I feel like the man who found a treasure buried in a field. And when he’d found it, he went and bought the whole field! In the formation of a preaching team, I have found a treasure and with it, a plethora of benefits.

Recruiting Kid's Ministry volunteers is hard, especially for new church plants. Brad Kalajainen offers 5 tips to help you get people invested, so you can get the help you need.

Once we are followers of Christ, the Lord continues to stretch us, grow us, challenge us, and guide us, all in the goal of making us more like Jesus. God is in the life-changing business.

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