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What kind of advice would leaders in the church give you? Carolyn Moore shares some wisdom from her years in ministry.

So often, we talk about what we are against. But, what are we for? Matt LeRoy explains that if we are imitators of God and following the command of Christ, we are to be for people.

We have heard advice from mentors in church planting, but what do their students have to say? Jeremiah Lewis shares 5 tips from a church planting mentee.

It has been said that the only thing that fails more often than a new church plant is a new restaurant. Since 63% of statistics are made up on the spot I am not sure this statement is true. However, I am sure that church planting is a difficult calling. It can take a toll on your life.

Don’t sacrifice your family on the altar of church planting (or any ministry for that matter). Your best witness and evangelistic tool for your plant is going to be a happy and healthy marriage and family that’s on board with the mission.

Thinking about church planting? Caution: There will be people who hurt you. Church planting hurts. AJ Thomas shares advice that will help.

So you're leaving. Do you want to leave well? Adam Knight shares wisdom on how to set things up nicely for the next planter.

Church planters need a healthy balance of sabbath and mission. As church planters, it is very important that we allow time during each day for spiritual rest and solitude from all of the busy distractions of our ministry. The multitude of distractions of ministry will drown out the quiet voice of God within our hearts.

Do you want to invest in the next generation of church planters? Roz Picardo shares ways you can intentionally mentor them.

To be a church planter or not to be a church planter? Should you take that shiny job offer or stick to the plan? AJ Thomas weighs in.