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It is easy to get attached to your church plant. But, at some point, you will need to move on. Adam Knight shares wisdom about letting go.

So often, we talk about what we are against. But, what are we for? Matt LeRoy explains that if we are imitators of God and following the command of Christ, we are to be for people.

Vacations are for the weak! Right? Michelle Marx shares why vacations are important and gives us four tips to making our next vacation the best one yet!

To be a church planter or not to be a church planter? Should you take that shiny job offer or stick to the plan? AJ Thomas weighs in.

Thinking about church planting? Caution: There will be people who hurt you. Church planting hurts. AJ Thomas shares advice that will help.

AJ Thomas shares wisdom about church planting and leaders.

Eric Hallett shares four key relationships every church planter needs to have.

Richard Hunter shares some tips on what he would do differently if he planted another church.

Do you sometimes feel like nothing you do turns out right? Quincy Brown shares why there's nothing wrong with that!

Sometimes, in church planting, it feels like you are trying to reinvent the wheel. What would a veteran church planter have to say to someone getting ready to plant their first church? Eric Hallett shares some advice from the other side of the plant.

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