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Are you looking for a new tradition to bring the message of Advent home to your congregation? Jim Ozier shares a unique idea for a family candle experience.

Does the phrase, "Happy Holidays" carry meaning for you? JD Walt shares how a shift from a holidays mindset to a holy days mindset can completely change your Advent season and possibly your life.

Nobody likes to wait, but sometimes that is exactly what we need. JD Walt shares wisdom about Advent and anticipation.

Is your church plant looking for something to do this Christmas to share the love of God? Church Planter Collective has some fantastic ideas for reaching out to your community.

Want a recap and a list of resources on discerning the call to church planting? Church Planter offers some additional reading to help you continue your journey.

You feel like you are called to...something. Aaron Perry shares four words to help you understand the call.

How can you know whether or not you are called to church planting? Stephen Elliott shares ten ways to help you discern the call of God on your life.

What happens when you wrestle with God? Wally Harrison shares about leading with a limp.

Are you called to church planting? Stephen Elliott shares 11 ways to find out whether this is the vocation for you!

What could we possibly have in common with someone who lived thousands of years ago? Larisa Levicheva explains Jeremiah's calling and yours!