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Not many of us actually enjoy conflict. Nigel Bryant shares some strategies for making those unavoidable conversations more productive.

If you are like me, you have probably had a bad small group experience at least once in your life. It’s not enough to just know what good small groups are, but we also need to know what they are not. This article takes a look at five things small groups aren't.

So, God has told you to plant a church. You're ready to go! Richard Hunter shares why you might want to take a moment and evaluate a few things first.

So you're leaving. Do you want to leave well? Adam Knight shares wisdom on how to set things up nicely for the next planter.

One size does not fit all and one church cannot win all. It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. The key is that the church needs to be Christ-centered and culturally relevant to whatever community or culture that they are called to serve through planting. It is important to take into consideration the culture, race, and ethnicity of the culture in which you plan to plant a church.

Networking is the art of meeting new people to expand the knowledge of your brand and show you care about your community. It is not just to meet new people to invite to your church.

Has your church thought about birthing new churches? Richard Hunter shares the essentials for growing a church that grows new churches.

Are you looking for a new tradition to bring the message of Advent home to your congregation? Jim Ozier shares a unique idea for a family candle experience.

Was your Christmas good? Could it have been better? Faith Hooper shares how important it is to evaluate to see what was uplifting and what you might do differently next year.

Church plants pull people from lots of different backgrounds, some churched, others not. That means you become a collecting house for lots of different narratives all while you are trying to start a brand new one. Take care to guard your narrative and tell the story of your church – not another church.