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Every church plant needs a discipleship strategy. It is non-negotiable. Before you draw up a marketing plan, search for a venue, or dream about aesthetics and stage design, beg and plead for God to call and shape disciples.

We have heard advice from mentors in church planting, but what do their students have to say? Jeremiah Lewis shares 5 tips from a church planting mentee.

Are you called to church planting? Stephen Elliott shares 11 ways to find out whether this is the vocation for you!

Anyone who has ever felt called to plant a church experiences that moment when they realize they have no idea where to start. Jenn Peterson shares wisdom on how to get started.

Has your church thought about birthing new churches? Richard Hunter shares the essentials for growing a church that grows new churches.
developing a preaching team

Developing a preaching team might not be the first thing you do as a church planter, but it ought to be on your radar from the beginning. As God brings others into the fold who have the gift, ask Him to reveal them to you so you’ll be able to begin cultivating them.

To what are church planters actually called? Church Planter Collective shares 6 reminders from Dr. Will Willimon on the calling of a church planter.

In the end you want one story about your church, and so that means you have to move away from the other stories. Jesus wasn’t afraid to redirect the conversation in order to guard the narrative because he knew that his mission was that important. We need to follow suit.

What can we learn from John Wesley's rediscovery of the primitive church? Matt Leroy shares what the early church could say to us now.

One of the principal motivations for planting new churches is to reach people no one else is reaching. In my opinion, that is the only reason to plant new churches. Admittedly, people who love unchurched people will want to join a church planter in the adventure, but beware of church people because they will derail your church plant.