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Basics (Nuts and Bolts)

Basics (Nuts and Bolts)

developing a preaching team

Developing a preaching team might not be the first thing you do as a church planter, but it ought to be on your radar from the beginning. As God brings others into the fold who have the gift, ask Him to reveal them to you so you’ll be able to begin cultivating them.

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How can we begin to develop the relationships needed to combat the most segregated hour in America? Christian Cheairs explains that many churches are turning to small group formats to address racial reconciliation.

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One of my favorite animation movies I enjoy watching with my son is called Ratatouille.  The movie is about a rat that is able...

Is your church ready to plant? Ed Love shares wisdom on how to tell if planting a new church is right for your congregation.

Often times, when we get burned out in ministry or find it difficult to continue through hurt feelings, it is because we have taken things personally. Joe McKechnie shares sage advice on learning to "Shake the dust off your feet."