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Two insights I gained recently from Lincoln’s life may well encourage you in your church planting endeavors. They have me.

Are you longing to experience the wonder of Christmas? Anna Sadler shares some creative writing to help you get into the spirit.

We are wired for beauty. Our brains recognize it without training, and our bodies respond to it without thinking. Richard Whetsell explains that it is a principle that applies to ministry as well as creation.

If you are like me, you have probably had a bad small group experience at least once in your life. It’s not enough to just know what good small groups are, but we also need to know what they are not. This article takes a look at five things small groups aren't.

What is the best way to analyze a church's mission? Aaron Perry discusses analyzing a church plant's missiological makeup.

So, God has told you to plant a church. You're ready to go! Richard Hunter shares why you might want to take a moment and evaluate a few things first.

FAC ET SPERA: Work and Hope. What a fitting inscription. The seed is sown and watered by the sweat of the planter’s brow. But the harvest is out of our hands.

Three Reminders from the Annunciation for Planters Steve Johnson Every year, during Advent, we enter into God’s story of redemption where the Creator God chose to...

How can you connect with and care for people from a different culture than you? Nathan Metz shares four questions that can help get you started in the right direction.

One of the principal motivations for planting new churches is to reach people no one else is reaching. In my opinion, that is the only reason to plant new churches. Admittedly, people who love unchurched people will want to join a church planter in the adventure, but beware of church people because they will derail your church plant.

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