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Church planting is intense and it is exhilarating to take new kingdom ground; however, we need to be sure to keep an eye on our banks. Soil (or soul) erosion happens very subtly.

Young adults can be passionate, distracted, intense, and ripe for discipleship. Join Head Coach Greg Tonagel and Associate Head Coach Jeff Clark of Indiana Wesleyan University Men's Basketball as they discuss how their own discipleship journeys have formed the program they oversee, helping to use basketball as a tool of discipleship.

You're sensing it's time to move, but what is your next step? Transitions are hard on pastors, churches, and the incoming pastor. But there is a next step. There is a way forward. Join Dr. Bob Kaylor as he describes a process for transitions.

Two insights I gained recently from Lincoln’s life may well encourage you in your church planting endeavors. They have me.

The Kingdom of God is ethnically and culturally diverse, but our churches often still look mono-cultural. How can your church start to look like the community around you? How can you facilitate multiple cultures, generations, and languages in your church?

Let's talk about practical theology and what we really believe about God on an everyday level. Aaron Perry shares three questions that can reveal the theology that is embedded in your daily life.

Do you really have to leave the mainline church in order to reach people for Jesus these days? Luke Edwards shares how even denominational church structures can build new churches that reach people mainlines would not normally reach.

Most of my big mistakes have happened because I got so desperate to see some movement that I couldn’t wait on the Lord. But waiting on the Lord is 90% of church planting.

Are you looking to grow as a leader? Church Planter Collective shares some wisdom on counter-cultural leadership.

Our ability to draw people into the historic faith of the church using ancient liturgical tools in a fresh and enlivened way has been a huge help in setting us apart in our mission field and in our reaching and connecting with folks who haven’t had church as a part of their lives in a long time, if ever.

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