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Many who come to Christ through a new work have had either no experience of church or a bad experience of church, in which case they may not know how to act. I’m not talking about how to behave in church; I’m talking about how to be the church.

We talk about proper exegesis when crafting a sermon, but what other ways can exegesis be applied to ministry? Rosario Picardo explains what exegesis means when applied to culture and how properly exegeting the culture you serve can make a world of difference in ministry.

How large should your church be? Silly question, you say. Depending on your theology or worldview, you might add: * Large as possible! Bigger is better! *...

Sometimes pastors are not equipped to deal with the type and intensity of problems a member may be experiencing. Misty Lawrence explains how to know when it is time to refer your member to a therapist.

Maybe you are thinking, Why do we need to start new churches? In today's article, Winfield Bevins responds to six myths that commonly surround the mandate to plant churches.

Churches genuinely seeking to reach people with the gospel must constantly evaluate the cultural climate in which they live.

Are you strategizing a church plant? Aaron Perry explains how your theological perspective can affect your church plant.

What is missing from the church in North America? Stephen Elliott explains that the power and work of the Holy Spirit is what will set the church on fire once again.

For a church plant to be healthy and grow, it must develop an intentional and natural process for making disciples. For many new churches, the back door is as big as their front door.
developing a preaching team

Developing a preaching team might not be the first thing you do as a church planter, but it ought to be on your radar from the beginning. As God brings others into the fold who have the gift, ask Him to reveal them to you so you’ll be able to begin cultivating them.

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